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The seizure of a vehicle is a nuisance that can last from 7, 30, to as many as 90 days, depending on the severity of the violation of the Highway Safety Code committed by the driver (owner or not).

For example, in the case of street racing or car surfing, the number of seizure days for a first offence is seven (7). However, for both of these offences, if it is repeated within 10 years, the vehicle will be seized for a 30-day period.

For some offences, vehicles will be impounded for a standard period of 30 days. This is normally the case for the following offences: excessive speeding in a zone of 60km/h or less, or for a second offence within a 10-year period; driving a vehicle without a licence or with an expired, suspended or revoked licence; driving a class of vehicle that is not authorized by your licence, driving a vehicle without the necessary endorsements, driving a vehicle without respecting the conditions of use of the licence; refusal to obey an order from a peace officer, driving with a blood-alcohol level exceeding 160 mg per 100ml of blood. Moreover, for these offences, the impoundment period can be extended to 90 days if the person is a repeat offender, or is prohibited from driving, acquiring, leasing, and registering a vehicle.

However, it is possible to recover your vehicle before the end of the impoundment period. Call us now at (819) 475-5122 to speak with a lawyer who will be able to assess your case and let you know if it is eligible for a release of seizure.

If it is, BF Contravention can provide representation throughout the entire legal application process (filing of a motion to release seized property, serving the motion to the SAAQ and presentation of your application before a judge of the Court of Québec.)

Whatever your situation may be, don’t hesitate to call upon our team of professionals specialized in the Highway Safety Code. They will be able to help and guide you on the road to recovering your vehicle.

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