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The statement of offence is the starting point of legal action taken against you, if you do not pay the fine and decide to contest it. From that moment, the BF Contravention team will carry your case through all the stages of the legal challenge process.

A statement of offence can be issued for a variety of reasons such as illegal parking, speeding, failure to obey traffic signals or failure to wear a seat belt.

Typically, a plea of not guilty must be remitted within 30 days following the reception of the statement of offence. It is important to fill out a plea of not guilty to preserve your rights. Be careful: if you pay the amount claimed, it is equivalent to a guilty plea.

Note that you do not have to give out details pertaining to the reason why you’re pleading not guilty. In fact, it is not advisable to provide such information, as it may be used against you and be proved detrimental to your case.

Also, beware of myths claiming that an unsent guilty plea will keep you from losing points. In fact, when it comes to a vehicle-related offence, a judgment could still be rendered by default if you do not send a response.

You should also know that we can usually obtain full disclosure of the evidence held against you by the prosecutor before, or after, the date set by the Court. Prosecution evidence can include, namely, the original copy of the statement of offence, the offence report written by the officer, objects, photographs, etc. By knowing what evidence the prosecutors hold, we can examine possible courses of action regarding your situation and advise you.

Whatever your situation may be, don’t hesitate to call upon our team of professionals specialized in the Highway Safety Code. They will be able to help and guide you on the road to recovering or keeping your driver’s licence.