It is always possible to get fined for any violation to the Highway Safety Code or for any violation to a municipal by-law regarding traffic or parking. There are consequences when these fines remain unpaid.

Did you know that each driver must pay his fines if he wants to keep his driving privileges and be allowed to put a vehicle registered under his name on the road? Indeed, a citizen who fails to fulfill this obligation will see his right to drive revoked until he has paid his debt.

The individual must pay the fine to a collector of fines, either a municipal court, a municipality or a courthouse. If the offender fails to pay the fines, the collector will notify the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) of this non-compliance.

After this notice, several benefits will be revoked such as the right to drive a motor vehicle, to register a vehicle in your name, to let another person drive a vehicle registered in your name, to disuse a vehicle and to transfer a vehicle registered in your name if you sell it.

Furthermore, if you drive a vehicle despite the suspension of your driving privileges, note that your car could be seized without delay for a period of 30 days, whether you are the owner or not. In addition, you could be fined between $300 and $600. Also, if you let someone drive a vehicle registered in your name, that person could be fined and your vehicle could be impounded.

It is important to note that a stay in prison following a refusal to pay your fines doesn’t result in their cancellation. Indeed, after getting out of prison, you will still have to pay your fines in full. Therefore, don’t take the chance of being forced to serve two years less a day in prison when you know that you will have to pay anyway.

Finally, if the reason for your non-payment is that you are having financial difficulties, more information about the various payment terms possible is available at the service counter of the municipal court.


With the invaluable assistance of Ms Véronique Gauthier, law student.